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Brad Mattax


Principal responsibilities: Keeping staff and volunteers focused on our mission statement of

"Transforming lives by helping people take next steps with God", teaching, outreach, vision for

reaching the next generation, and C3 Sports.

Born there, lived there, visited there: Berne to Ossian (was that an upgrade?), then to Fort

Wayne. Spent summers in Rome City!

Quick take on: Love summer, sunshine and all things outdoors, except fishing. I hate fishing.

Okay, I’ll admit it: Trevor is my son-in-law.

Other little-known facts about me: Love REAL music, you know when they played instruments
and produced stuff on vinyl. I had a dream of becoming a professional water skier and almost had
an interview at Sea World.

Other than work: Love hanging out at the pool with great friends. Since the knees won’t handle tennis, I have had to become unbeatable in Pickleball. . . Just sayin.

I hope heaven includes: Dogs, sports and Diet Dr. Pepper.

Best childhood memories: Growing up on the lake and skiing with friends and family. We would regularly try and see how many skiers we could get up behind our boat. Record is 12. Come see the picture in my office!

I’d like to say to the people of Crossbridge: Engage! Find what you are passionate about and how God has uniquely wired you. Then chase what he has placed on your heart. You will never be bored doing what He has called you to do.

Family life and partner in crime: Married to Barb for 25 years! Yes she has put up with me for that long.
We met when I was selling Christmas trees — weird. 

Home team: Five amazing kids between us. They grew up as a family and we are proud of all of them. Eight grands and counting!

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260.637.7000, ext 12

Bruce Colbert


Principal responsibilities:  Keeping the financial and business side of the church going, overseeing

the staff and Elders, helping to produce Sunday mornings, and using technology to help the

church fulfill our mission. 

Born there, lived there, visited there: Fort Wayne, Terre Haute, Hicksville.

Quick take on: Love pro audio stuff (yes, I’m a geek); one of the few, the proud, the Purdue fan;
have awesome wife (Becky) and three daughters (two of which are married); Colts fan;
worked as electrical engineer before doing what God really made me to do.

Other little-known facts about me: I own my own pro audio business. I grew up on a farm.

Shhhh, please keep this a secret: Trevor makes me laugh — but don’t tell him. He might start thinking I actually like him.

Other than work: Spend Friday nights watching Netflix with Becky and Meri; date nights with my wife, naps on Sunday afternoons.

I hope heaven includes: No alarm clocks; basketball leagues for 5’9” and under guys; worship band I can play in; all my family; large line arrays and a digital mixer that I can play with.

Best childhood memories: Growing up on a small farm with a great family; neighbors coming over to play on the baseball/football field in our front yard; the discipline and faith of my parents.

I’d like to say to the people of Crossbridge: The real stuff is in the journey, not just the end product. There is no better thing on this earth than learning how to connect with God more and do what He’s wired you to do for Him, especially when you get to do it with the people you love.

Email Bruce

260.637.7000, ext 13

Trevor Gremaux


Born there, lived there, visited there: Bluffton, New Haven, Hawaii.

Quick take on: Ultimate frisbee is the best sport. 

Okay, I’ll admit it: I may be addicted to League of Legends, Mountain Dew and board games.

Just the facts: Above all I love being an influence in teens lives when most people don’t want to
be around them.

Other than work: My wife, Courtney, and I love to be adventurous whether that leads us to
sky diving or snorkeling in Australia. We love to see the world and experience all it has to offer.

I hope heaven includes: Nonstop techno music with God as DJ.

Best childhood memories: I played a lot of chess as a kid and went to 4 state chess tournaments. In high school, my favorite memories would be the marching band competitions. I liked the thrill of the big stage. Drumline is superior to all the other instruments. . . Just saying.

Family life and partner in crime: Courtney and I met at Huntington University and got married right after graduation.  
I’m thankful she takes part in the youth ministry and covers many of my weaknesses! She’s the best! =D

Things I’d rather not live without: Candy and fun.

Good verse to live by: “But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect” — 1 Peter 3:15. This is just a good example of how we’re supposed to live our lives as Christians. We should be and exemplify hope, and then be able to share, with love, why we have that.

No thanks, I’d rather not: Do anything that resembles real work. :D

Email Trevor

260.637.7000, ext 14

Brenda Hansen


Purpose: to partner with parents as they raise their families and guide their child towards a loving
relationship with Jesus…their Forever Friend!

Born: May 31st — I can’t remember the year — in a small town in western Wisconsin.

Quick take on: Love hanging out with my family; organizer and list maker; degree in Elementary
Education; taught Kindergarten; dog lover; and enjoy walking.  

Okay, I’ll admit it: I’m a clean freak.

Other little known facts about me: I don’t eat chocolate, I married my high school sweetheart
and I bowl better than everyone else in the office.

Other than work: Watch Hallmark with my daughter; clean and do laundry; shop — often at Walmart (my second home); read (if I can stay awake); and love on my friends and family.   

I hope heaven includes: All my family and friends, dogs, laughter, and a Cheesecake Factory.

Best childhood memories: Shopping with my mom, mushroom hunting with my dad, camping by the Mississippi River, riding my bike, playing flashlight tag, and wearing my cowgirl outfit and boots. 

I’d like to say to the people of Crossbridge: God has given you a unique set of gifts and abilities. My hope is that you will use them to do His work in our world.  

Home team: I have been blessed with a wonderful husband (Kevin), four awesome kids (Logan, Connor, Jacob and MaKayla), three lovely daughters-in-law (Katie, Olivia, and Shelby). Each day spent with them is a reminder of God’s blessings and love. 

What makes my world go around: Family and friends, donuts, pies, my dog, sunshine, smiles, love, and lemon desserts. 

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Jake Eisenhauser


Principal responsibilities: The music.

Born there, lived there, visited there: Bluffton, IN; Herndon, VA; and Lihue, HI.

Quick take on: I’ve been married 5 years to Gina and have one beautiful daughter, Brielle.
I love playing music, woodworking, lifting, and tinkering with electronics projects. I am one of five
children, and one of 34 grandchildren (both sides).

By the way: I love to workout.

Okay, I’ll admit it: Trevor Gremaux isn’t so bad once you get to know him.

Other little-known facts about me: I have a degree in Electrical Engineering.

Nobody knows: My right foot is slightly longer than my left.

Quick newsflash: I am a Red Cross certified lifeguard.

Shhhh, please keep this a secret: I worked for the CIA.

Other than work: Building things from wood, lifting weights, running and biking.

I hope heaven includes: All the free rough cut lumber I can use and the most beautiful wood shop I can imagine.

Best childhood memories: Growing up on a small farm with a great family, chopping wood with my dad,
fishing with grandpa, riding my bike all around the country side with my best friend.

I’d like to say to the people of Crossbridge: Figure out what you love to do and find a way to get paid for it.
Then you’ll never have a bad day.

Faves, raves and obsessions:  Pie, The Matrix, and Martin guitars. Did I mention, pie?

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Kim Chitwood


Born there, lived there, visited there: Michigan (GO BLUE!), Illinois, and Fort Wayne. Traveled to
many states, as well as Canada and China (to get our sweet daughter Danni!).

Quick take on: One of my favorite things ever is making people laugh. I love sappy movies,
and historical fiction novels. 

By the way: I’m usually reading more than one book at once. Right now I’m reading five books.

Okay, I’ll admit it: I eat way too many sweets.

Other little-known facts about me: I don’t like silence.

Nobody knows: I only take about 20 minutes to get ready everyday. Not sure if this is good or bad!

Just the facts: I used to hate all animals. Now I have three dogs, two of which sleep with me. I need to make sure I stay away from doggies that need a home. A future Dog Lady??

Quick newsflash: I cannot drive with a close friend riding with me. I’ll get to talking and I will forget where I’m going or not keep an eye on the road!

Shhhh, please keep this a secret: I sometimes eat only sweets for dinner.

Other than work: I LOVE the sun. If it is out, I want to be outside. 

I hope heaven includes: My late husband, Dan, showing me around. Lots of sweets, coffee, peanut butter, and lots and lots of puppies!

I’d like to say to the people of Crossbridge: Thank you for being my rock during the hardest time of my life. Thank you for loving on my family and now letting me serve you! 

Family life and partner in crime: I love my family more than anything in the world. I am so proud of all my kids and all they are doing for the Lord. I have been a single mom for almost four years. My husband Dan passed away in December of 2013. He was my best friend and love of my life. We all miss Dan terribly but have been blessed to see his heart for God and personality displayed in unique ways in each one of us. 

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Barb Mattax


Principal Responsibilities are: Office manager and Director of C3Sports.

Born there, lived there, visited there: Born in Providence, RI; Elementary in Indy; visited Europe,
Canada, Mexico and Costa Rica.

Quick take on: Love collecting things: cookie jars, nutcrackers, and roosters (not real ones).

Okay, I’ll admit it: I have more than one pair of Crocs.

Other little-known facts about me: I was a Miss Marion County Fair Contestant. I also went to
an all-girls private Catholic high school.

Nobody knows: I bred and showed Otterhounds. We had a litter of 12 born on Christmas Eve and my dad showed up unexpectedly from Florida in the middle of it. I have also saved several puppies lives by giving them CPR!

Shhhh, please keep this a secret: I bought a baby grand piano without the ability to play it. But, two years later I’m taking lessons!

Other than work: Enjoy digital scrapbooking, especially of my grandchildren.

I hope heaven includes: Jakes worship music!

Best childhood memories: Summers in Staten Island, New York with my nana, and traveling to Point Pleasant Beach in NJ.

I’d like to say to the people of Crossbridge: Don't stay safe. Take a risk. God can then do amazing things that will blow your mind.

Family life and partner in crime: Love-of-my-life, Brad. I’m honored and humbled to do ministry together. 

Things I’d rather not live without: My two bassett hounds, Bucca and Beau.

Faves, raves and obsessions: Coffee. . . black coffee. . . every morning. . . black coffee.

Email Barb

260-637-7000, ext 10

Jordan Chitwood


Principal Responsibilities are: Young Adult Ministry and teaching.

Born: April 2nd, 1996


Fun Facts: I love football, middle schoolers, and often make life decisions based on the color orange.


I hope Heaven Includes: Ice-cream, Taco Bell, football, and identity recognition. 


Guilty Pleasure: I have enjoyed Justin Bieber's music since his first album.

Hobbies Outside of Work: I enjoy spending time with my wife, family, and dogs. I also love to read and write and try new things with friends. 


I’d like to say to the people of Crossbridge: We grow through what we go through. Faith often feels like getting hit by a semi truck and then choosing to get back up, even though the next one is in sight. Never stop getting back up. 


Faves, Raves, and Obsessions: Popsicles, Michigan football, and the color orange


Most Embarrassing Moment: Attempting to charge my iPod in the microwave because Facebook said it worked.


Definition of Worship: Connecting with God through impactful ways, moments, and experiences.

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